Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MoFo #31: Halloween!

It's Halloween! I went to Radical Eats to make popcorn balls and candy apples with some other vegans. One of the girls came dressed as a tofu cube, but she looked more like a marshmallow. I wore a mod-inspired dress/tunic with tights. Anyways, I bought a bunch of tamales and a piece of chipotle chocolate cake to use the local deal coupon I had. I made sure to buy a real sugar Coke so I could pay for that with my card and leave a tip. There was even a little tunnel for kids to climb in, with lights, sounds, and plastic rats. As I walking back into my apartment, I saw some very young kids trick-or-treating in my complex. I was bummed that I wasn't home to hand out candy, although I think it was just my neighbors taking their kids out. Happy Halloween, everyone!
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