Saturday, October 6, 2012

MoFo #6: Spinach & Tofu Calzones

I guess I'm on a spinach kick this week! Tonight, I made spinach and tofu calzones from Vegan Planet. Instead of making my own dough, I took a short cut and bought wheat pizza dough from the Whole Foods pizzeria. Let's keep that our little $3 secret. ;) This recipe calls for 1 cup cooked spinach, so I used a 10 oz box of frozen spinach that I heated up to use. The spinach is mixed with silken tofu, regular tofu, salt, pepper, garlic, and fresh herbs. Very simple. I was surprised to see a calzone recipe without vegan cheese. I debated sprinkling in some nutritional yeast; after eating a few bites, I wish I had included it. I decided to warm up some marinara sauce and sprinkle in some nutritional yeast, which made a great dipping sauce for the calzone. I would highly recommend making a savory dipping sauce. I had a great morning at the farmers' market, so I'll write all about that over the next couple days.
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This is my 300th post! Wow!

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