Monday, October 15, 2012

MoFo #15: Vegan at Costco

Last year, I blogged about menu planning and my love of Costco. I can't say enough good things about Costco and the savings. I live alone, but I can take advantage of the deals if I try to avoid buying fresh produce or very perishable items. I stick to the Clif bars, flax seed, vanilla soy milk, frozen produce (lots of organic options!), bananas, natural PB & organic jelly, and quinoa. (And Coke Zero! It's my last bad habit, dang it!)

Latest Costco addiction is Mary's Gone Organic crackers and Tribe hummus snack packs. I bought Sabra brand hummus packs at my old Costco, but several of the containers were open. My new Houston store has Tribe brand and the sides of the box allowed me to peek in and make sure they were sealed. This hummus is so garlicky and the 20 packs are perfect for the 20 servings of crackers! As a note, I do wash the hummus containers out for recycling. :)
I also took notes on what's available at my new Costco. I buy a 3-pack of House tofu there, even though there's really no cost savings on this item since the single blocks are only $1.50 at my local, cheap grocery store. However, there are lots of normally expensive items available at Costco - almond butter, agave nectar, real maple syrup, rice milk and soy milk (plain varieties), refrigerated Silk soymilk, refrigerated So Delicious coconut milk, hemp hearts, coconut sugar, organic sugar (which is vegan by default), organic ketchup (HFCS-free! Simply Heinz is too, if you don't want the jumbo organic bottles from Costco), sun-dried tomatoes, pitted Kalamata olives, and fresh produce (if you can eat all that!). I bought edamame and falafel in the refrigerated section, but I haven't looked for these items at my new store yet.

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