Thursday, May 22, 2014

Texas Tamale Company

Another Fiesta find! I love that grocery store, what can I say? There is a growing organic produce section, a large international section, and several aisles of healthier brands. I always check the freezer in that area for new items. With the hours I work lately, I like to have an emergency meal or two in the freezer. I found these vegan black bean tamales from Texas Tamale Company. I decided to steam them, because microwaving frozen tamales in the past made me wonder if steaming would be a better bet. I served the tamales with some salsa and frozen broccoli. It's about saving a few bucks instead of driving to Chipotle or Whole Foods for a dinner on a long work day. I thought these were pretty good. I'd be willing to try the spinach tamales, which I think are also vegan.
 photo be88e5e5-1967-454d-a913-86f42b374321_zps91d4344f.jpg

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Green Vegetarian - Houston, TX

Another Sunday brunch post from Green. I have been ordering the vegan tofu migas the last few weeks, so I decided to order the vegan soy chorizo and tofu scramble tacos. I added Daiya cheese and a side of potatoes. With a Mexican coke and a cupcake, this was a hearty brunch. The chorizo is flavorful and a tiny bit spicy. We split the pancakes since no one wants to eat all 3 in a stack. I will probably go back to the migas, since you get beans and potatoes with the migas. I still have not tried the avocado tofu benedict, but I've seen several people order it recently.
 photo 5d112e53-8f6a-4818-be49-fa9dc7780b66_zps4090cebd.jpg

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sweet Paris Creperie - Rice Village, Houston, TX

I think Sweet Paris Creperie is just too cute. My former coworker and I went here for a girls' night recently. I had a coupon for two glasses of wine, two savory crepes, and one sweet crepe for $20. That's a deal since the vegan crepe and a juice cost me $12 last time I went there! We got moscato (of unknown vegan-ness) and crepes. I ordered the vegan crepe stuffed with mushrooms, black beans, corn, and chipotle salsa. For the dessert crepe, I specifically requested the vegan crepe batter. Instead of putting Nutella like the menu says, I ordered the crepe with just the fruit (strawberries and bananas). I had a travel packet of Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter in my purse. I didn't realize it came with a little mound of whipped cream, but I just avoided that. I dipped my crepe bits in the Justin's that I put on the plate. #vegansolutions ;)
 photo 04a1947e-0651-437a-9288-d26a14fe0838_zpsa3be9d36.jpg  photo 7381af25-82db-4854-8595-ef726a94fdf3_zps800eb932.jpg

Monday, May 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Foods for Easter

Since I didn't stay home to cook on Easter, I cooked my little Celebration Roast later in the week. I put the roast inside a roast pan, then surrounded it with diced white and red potatoes, onion chunks, and baby carrots. I covered the roast pan with foil because the giant lid would have required me to move my oven shelves. I put the roast on the rack and added water to steam the veggies. I also cooked some Immaculate brand crescent rolls (vegan and no weird ingredients), defrosted cranberry sauce that I made at Thanksgiving time, and microwaved some frozen green beans. I used the Imagine brand mushroom gravy I bought at Thanksgiving, but I didn't really like it. It was too thin. Perhaps I should have evaporated some of the liquid using the stovetop? I made a chickpea gravy at Thanksgiving, but I didn't freeze any of it for future use. This was a delicious meal and it lasted for several days.
 photo 774c2e9b-674f-498a-8cc8-6fb3cde81bc8_zps759e0314.jpg

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Aladdin's - Montrose, Houston, TX

On Easter, the dude and I joined some friends for softball and two-hand-touch football. We played in the sun for hours. Far too long, probably. I got a little bit of sunburn on my face, even though I reapplied sunscreen a couple times. I ended up needing the two packets of Ultima electrolyte mix I packed. After 4 hours in the sun, we certainly had no energy for cooking. We thought we'd go to Niko Niko's since we tend to go to Aladdin's. However, Niko Niko's was closed. Luckily, Aladdin's is just down the street. We went there and stuffed our faces. I loooove the pita bread at Aladdin's. I always get the falafel, spicy hummus, and roasted cauliflower. This time, I got green beans cooked in tomato sauce instead of potatoes. Nom nom nom. I love Aladdin's. I leave so stuffed every single time.
 photo a3ac661e-23f2-4425-bb51-6db616156061_zpsca0818f8.jpg

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Paulie's - Montrose, Houston, TX

The dude was craving pasta one night. A quick Yelp search produced Paulie's. I always thought Paulie's was a coffee place, but it's actually a cute Italian place. They said the pastas don't contain eggs, so I think they buy dried pasta. I'm not complaining! I ordered shells with broccoli, but I wish I ordered the veggie-heavy dish the dude ordered. They liberally use fresh garlic, so you might want to brush your teeth afterwards. ;)
 photo 9ceb233e-5133-45d9-9fbd-6c7d093fd4c4_zpsf3b72c08.jpg  photo 4b3511fa-cc81-4d62-9610-66f9d30a1e37_zps98a379c9.jpg

Friday, May 16, 2014

Radical Eats - Montrose, Houston, TX

The dude and I ventured out to Radical Eats for a Friday night date. He ordered a black bean burger after ensuring that it's made in house. He dislikes the idea of going out for a frozen burger he can get at the grocery store. (I understand!) It tasted like taco seasoning was used to flavor the patty. He enjoyed it. I ordered one of the daily specials - beet perogies! I think the dollop was cashew sour cream, but I ended up not eating it. I stuck with the caramelized onions, mushrooms, and pierogis. The earthy flavor of the beets did not overpower everything. I got a piece of the chipotle chocolate cake to go, since the dude wanted to eat the coconut ice cream he had at home for dessert. I know a lot of my vegan friends are upset that Radical Eats now serves animal products, but I must admit they've really improved their menu, food presentation, and service. It doesn't hurt that the new location is pretty and conveniently located in Montrose.
 photo edd537cf-657d-4b91-9555-70995c3e5512_zpsd0c6fe0d.jpg

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Indian Lentils

I cooked some lentils that have been in my pantry for a very long time. I added diced tomatoes, shredded carrots, and lots of Indian spices - coriander, cumin, fenugreek, tumeric, garam masala, cayenne, and curry powder. I served the lentils with spinach and quinoa. This was a healthy meal and made enough food to last for days. I love how spices can bring unexciting ingredients to the next level. That's why I keep so many spices on hand!
 photo 77c299d5-242a-4277-8da1-613d6331b6e3_zpse61db815.jpg

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daiya Frozen Pizza

The Daiya line of frozen pizzas were on sale at Whole Foods. I couldn't pass up saving a few bucks on the expensive pizza. The crust is gluten-free, but I honestly couldn't tell. I only know because I saw it on the box. I got the fire-roasted veggie pizza. It was hard to believe the pizza came frozen because it had such great flavor. These might be good to keep at my mom's once the new WF store opens near her house.
 photo b0899142-8ec9-4540-a126-d4bcb9afda6c_zps09249a06.jpg

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Housewarming Potluck

Two of my friends recently moved into a new place. They invited a bunch of folks over for a vegan potluck. There was quite the spread! We started with tortilla chips, guacamole, and black bean and corn salsa, and quesadillas with Daiya. For the main meal, we had Pad Thai made using a recipe in The Vegan Table. Another guest brought homemade sushi - I need to learn to make sushi. For dessert, we had a blueberry pie and brownies. I brought the brownies using a recipe in Chloe's Vegan Desserts, as well as vanilla bean coconut ice cream and coconut-based salted caramel sauce from Sweet Ritual. Nom nom nom. A late guest brought a cashew-based goat cheese. I nibbled on that with crackers and joked that I was going to cut off a big piece to bring home with me. It was soooo good. I enjoyed all the talk about Game of Thrones and the food.
 photo f9e08dd9-b0f5-40b1-941b-a19489cbf8c7_zps11adf5d3.jpg  photo 4f3fab75-ea69-4ced-b830-957c8c2105bf_zps61a3b394.jpg  photo e97b7f01-6977-41fb-b56a-8b2fbf2457a6_zps25438f3c.jpg  photo 77b75068-35dd-4271-8236-39ca0423bccc_zps2842ca2f.jpg  photo bb2910a7-4ecd-401c-82eb-8e8e4403c54a_zpse884eba6.jpg

Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Roll

There is a section at Whole Foods of little 2/$5 take-out foods. The portions are small obviously, but they're just right for a quick snack. I had late dinner plans, so I grabbed a veggie spring roll with peanut sauce while running errands. Grabbing something savory like this is change for me, I tend to pick sweet snacks.
 photo e7e021e9-7b79-404f-9ff5-2910d1af34bb_zps7e81ad09.jpg

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ruggles Green - Upper Kirby, Houston, TX

The veggie burger at Ruggles Green is pretty dang good. The dude and I have been there twice recently to get this burger. He gets cow cheese, but I skip adding Daiya. I like it with ketchup-sriracha. It's big and the fries are handcut. Nom nom nom. I just wish they sold vegan desserts. However, there is a Whole Foods just down the street where we bought vegan brownies. :)
 photo 3f1cf850-0996-4bfd-8a18-b7167ee54d27_zpscd2eb86e.jpg

Saturday, May 10, 2014


We had a brief period of springtime. When it finally felt like it was spring, I decided to spruce up my walkway with fresh plants. My plants survived the first winter here, but died last summer. I never got around to replanting until this spring. Whoops. I love fresh flowers by the doorway. They make me happy when I come home from work. :) I also added some rocks under the pink plant to prevent a puddle from forming there, as well as replacing the weed barrier by my patio and adding rocks there too. I put up a few blocks to prevent my little kitty from sneaking out of the patio too.
 photo 951a6167-e8a8-4cb3-9929-2aba499d3861_zps426fb60b.jpg

Friday, May 9, 2014

Screening of "The Ghosts in Our Machine"

I finally got a chance to see The Ghosts in Our Machine at South Texas College of Law. Before the movie started, we were served dinner. Radical Eats made tamales, Sinfull Bakery made everything bites, and Pat Greer's Kitchen made collard wraps with a dehydrated burger. I can't remember what the stuff in the tiny cup is. The movie was interesting and not too graphic. I think non-vegans might be interested in it, since it does not have a ton of factory farming footage. It focuses on multiple issues, not exclusively on farming. After the movie, the state director of HSUS gave a talk on what legislative action is happening in Texas.
 photo 15abe55e-6a45-4d4d-9094-f41236d3a713_zpsb5af7d0b.jpg

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Black Bean Tacos

Tacos! Enough said. ;) I used canned beans (low sodium) since I was out of dried beans. I gave them a quick rinse and added them to the skillet. I like tacos since it's a great way to get in many servings of veggies. I added shredded carrots, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic, and homemade taco seasoning. I served them with avocado chunks, shredded lettuce, and corn tortillas.
 photo 1b1f16d9-aaa8-4ade-9cd2-2b8fc7d1143f_zpsec194e22.jpg  photo 1c6e683c-cc61-471b-9656-2d4e07a739ed_zpseab70c2f.jpg

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Green Vegetarian - Houston, TX

I went to Green one night with my former coworker. She's one of my closest friends in Houston. We try to meet up once a week for science talk, career complaints, and gossip. I decided to get an extra messy sandwich - the buffalo Gardein sandwich with an extra Gardein filet and Daiya cheese. Nom nom nom. Served with fries that I dipped in ketchup-sriracha (try mixing sriracha into your ketchup, it's a personal fave).
 photo 5092ea8f-bbca-4e69-80e7-838f15eb4f16_zps7d2e6ba6.jpg

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thai Cottage - Houston, TX

The dude and I frequent Thai Cottage regularly on our date nights. He always orders the yellow curry with baked tofu. I try to order something new each time. I recently picked a curry with tofu and pineapple. No other veggies, just pineapple. Tasty, but weird. I like more veggies in my curry.
 photo 30ff221d-0f31-41ef-98a0-83b41123061b_zpsa5f02e4c.jpg

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Tamales using the same recipe as last year. I made a soy chorizo, yellow onion, and green bell pepper filling. I found Cacique soy chorizo at Fiesta. It caught me by surprise since it was in the Mexican cheese area! Fiesta is so fun.

Refried beans were again made using Isa's recipe from Appetite for Reduction.

Cashew queso was a last minute addition, but it was so damn good. I added turmeric to get the color right, since I used a green bell pepper instead red. I also did not use a jalapeno (how did I not buy one?!). I used chipotle pepper powder instead of ancho.

 photo abac8233-31cf-4659-95cd-ee5c7a3432cf_zpsc208514a.jpg

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Austin Vegfest

I did not attend Texas Vegfest in Austin this year, because I had to work. :(

Luckily, my friends are lovely. I gave my money to a friend the night before the fest, so she picked me up some donuts and t-shirts. The donuts are from Red Rabbit Bakery Coop - cayenne chocolate and maple nut. I got the elephant shirt from Compassion Co and the other shirt from Herbivore.

 photo 13128015-7fc3-44fe-a583-1ccbad865663_zps1b4ff4a8.jpg  photo 141f266a-cc1f-4b68-8f39-8e6fa77f6ac1_zps20e9eb98.jpg  photo 2a7c361d-3273-4cb4-a1ae-6e0d338e97a0_zps47414d8f.jpg

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lasagna with Teese

I bought some Teese at the Texas Veggie Fair. It's been sitting in my fridge for a long time. I used a big chunk of the tube to make this lasagna. I shredded it. I made a lasagna using whole wheat noodles. I was surprised to finally find these! I found them in the healthy section of Fiesta. I squished up the tofu, added some nutritional yeast, and added a few drops of olive oil. I sauteed some spinach and mushroom, then tossed in some sun-dried tomatoes. I made the basic spicy pasta sauce in Isa Does It. I layered everything and covered the pan with foil. The Teese melts pretty well, but it gets firm quickly when it cools. The flavors of this lasagna were quite good!
 photo e9c45e5d-f0d7-4d1a-864b-3fe54fab2740_zpsf65169c7.jpg  photo d3de6d83-4519-41e5-ab34-a39337666d51_zps83234ff6.jpg

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tofu and Quinoa

A protein powerhouse - tofu and quinoa! I keep onions and garlic handy for quick dinners. I like to saute them, then push them to the side of the pan. I'll add tofu and let it sear on both sides. I toss in some soy sauce and chili-garlic sauce usually, but I do like to add soy sauce and sriracha sometimes. I have ginger in a squeeze tube since I rarely finish the fresh ginger in time, so I used the last of that squeezy ginger in this dish. It adds a different flavor to the dish. I sprinkled on green onion for a pop of color. I usually serve frozen broccoli on the side or mix it in the dish.
 photo b3beff89-fc36-4f51-9215-748d061dede3_zpsf749b7f5.jpg

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Green Vegetarian Cuisine - Houston, TX

I love Green. A group of my vegan friends gather for brunch on Sunday mornings. I like the excuse to eat cupcakes. Sometimes I get busted for eating two cupcakes.
 photo 264c4071-ee48-49a9-918b-86f2f71ea33c_zps0f90f227.jpg  photo e59ce6ea-015d-4d0d-8b37-351ba56f4544_zps96650f54.jpg