Monday, May 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Foods for Easter

Since I didn't stay home to cook on Easter, I cooked my little Celebration Roast later in the week. I put the roast inside a roast pan, then surrounded it with diced white and red potatoes, onion chunks, and baby carrots. I covered the roast pan with foil because the giant lid would have required me to move my oven shelves. I put the roast on the rack and added water to steam the veggies. I also cooked some Immaculate brand crescent rolls (vegan and no weird ingredients), defrosted cranberry sauce that I made at Thanksgiving time, and microwaved some frozen green beans. I used the Imagine brand mushroom gravy I bought at Thanksgiving, but I didn't really like it. It was too thin. Perhaps I should have evaporated some of the liquid using the stovetop? I made a chickpea gravy at Thanksgiving, but I didn't freeze any of it for future use. This was a delicious meal and it lasted for several days.
 photo 774c2e9b-674f-498a-8cc8-6fb3cde81bc8_zps759e0314.jpg

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