Friday, May 16, 2014

Radical Eats - Montrose, Houston, TX

The dude and I ventured out to Radical Eats for a Friday night date. He ordered a black bean burger after ensuring that it's made in house. He dislikes the idea of going out for a frozen burger he can get at the grocery store. (I understand!) It tasted like taco seasoning was used to flavor the patty. He enjoyed it. I ordered one of the daily specials - beet perogies! I think the dollop was cashew sour cream, but I ended up not eating it. I stuck with the caramelized onions, mushrooms, and pierogis. The earthy flavor of the beets did not overpower everything. I got a piece of the chipotle chocolate cake to go, since the dude wanted to eat the coconut ice cream he had at home for dessert. I know a lot of my vegan friends are upset that Radical Eats now serves animal products, but I must admit they've really improved their menu, food presentation, and service. It doesn't hurt that the new location is pretty and conveniently located in Montrose.
 photo edd537cf-657d-4b91-9555-70995c3e5512_zpsd0c6fe0d.jpg

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