Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lasagna with Teese

I bought some Teese at the Texas Veggie Fair. It's been sitting in my fridge for a long time. I used a big chunk of the tube to make this lasagna. I shredded it. I made a lasagna using whole wheat noodles. I was surprised to finally find these! I found them in the healthy section of Fiesta. I squished up the tofu, added some nutritional yeast, and added a few drops of olive oil. I sauteed some spinach and mushroom, then tossed in some sun-dried tomatoes. I made the basic spicy pasta sauce in Isa Does It. I layered everything and covered the pan with foil. The Teese melts pretty well, but it gets firm quickly when it cools. The flavors of this lasagna were quite good!
 photo e9c45e5d-f0d7-4d1a-864b-3fe54fab2740_zpsf65169c7.jpg  photo d3de6d83-4519-41e5-ab34-a39337666d51_zps83234ff6.jpg

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