Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Been A Minute . . . .

I've been pretty busy. Between work and socializing, I've been cooking easy foods. Chili, soup, salads, tacos, etc.

I made some bread in my bread machine. I turned it on and left it, instead of waiting for the machine to mix it and then let it rise so I can bake it on my own. I made it because I was craving a grilled tofutti "cheese" sandwich and I didn't have any white bread. I ended up cutting the slices too thick for the tofutti grilled cheese. It was good to nibble on for a few days.


I also made stuffed shells using the recipe from Vegan with a Vengenance. Sooooo freakin' delicious. Super easy and tasty. The first serving I was able to taste the nutritional yeast and I thought it was a little weird. But when I ate the leftovers, it wasn't as strong. I'd definitely make it again! When I get paid on Friday, I will get some more tofu.



In other news, I've started reading A Thousand Splendid Suns. It's written by Khaled Hosseini, best known for writing The Kite Runner. I'm not done with it yet. But it is getting interesting... Also, the Twilight movie comes out in like 2 weeks. I can't freakin' wait to finally see the movie!