Saturday, April 5, 2014

Work is crazy!

I'm alive, just busy with work! I'm hoping things will be slower towards the end of this week or next week, so stay tuned. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dude to the rescue!

I got stuck at work very late mid-week. The last shuttle home left an hour before I was done with my work. I knew that was going to happen, so I texted the dude earlier in the afternoon to ask if he'd be able to pick me up. I also texted a friend as a back-up plan. He agreed to pick me up at 9 PM when I was done. I just expected him to pick me up and drop me off at home. Nothing fancy. He brought me dinner, a vegan pho bowl from the Whole Foods in Sugarland. The broth was packed separately from the other ingredients, so I mixed them together to heat them in the microwave. I added the sriracha and he totally asked me if that's what I was doing in the kitchen for so long. He picked this up on his way home, so he had it ready for me whenever I finished up at work. He also picked up a copy of the new Thrive magazine and entertained the cats while I was eating. I think he spoils me too much. I wish our WF stores inside the loop had the noodle bar like the Sugarland store.
 photo 6fc091ff-c140-4e65-8934-0285729270e9_zps287ac776.jpg  photo b62350e5-c7aa-4157-b662-c035a8090610_zps082e09ba.jpg

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thai Cottage - Houston, TX

Went to Thai Cottage without even seeing a movie at the theater next door. The dude and I went to an engagement party at St. Arnold's Brewery last weekend, but we didn't eat many of the snacks served. He had a piece of non-vegan cake while I sipped on a diet coke. We stopped by Thai Cottage after the party ended. I tried something new, a flat rice noodle dish with fried tofu and veggies. He got the usual yellow curry with baked tofu. His curry was a little spicier than usual. This place always delivers great quality food!
 photo 68c4a573-851b-49fc-8b1a-d9f8e5ad9449_zpsb168737e.jpg  photo 9de1a51b-becd-4fd0-b698-ceea93fc421b_zpsaf184a37.jpg

Friday, March 21, 2014

Black Bean Burgers

When I was at Fiesta a few weeks ago, I saw these Chez Marie vegan burgers in the freezer. They're free of corn, soy, and gluten, in addition to being vegan. Great for friends with allergies! I cooked them in the oven, served them on some wheat buns, and added the usual toppings of ketchup, lettuce, and pickles. The flavor is great, but they're a little soft. I'd expect that from a burger not held together by flour, bread crumbs, or gluten. I'd definitely buy these for future quick meals.
 photo 93a46a00-1e68-490e-879c-415d816123a8_zpscdf84b02.jpg  photo 31d52911-536e-4b16-b0a5-b889ab2bd043_zps1fea34e4.jpg

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lunch from WF

I grabbed lunch from the Montrose Whole Foods last weekend, so the dude and I could have lunch before heading out to see friends. Nom nom. I got chicken-fried tofu and chipotle roasted sweet potatoes. He wanted pizza. I bought us two pieces of cashew cheesecake, but he ate fruit instead of his piece. More for me! There were tasty looking Indian foods on the hot bar, but one contained milk and one contained peanuts. Boo. I just decided to get vegan things from the deli case while the dude's pizza was in the oven.
 photo d79e79b2-73af-4e45-9e7e-5df29b6e9ebc_zpsd586191f.jpg  photo 52a29ebe-97f9-4ff5-8e3f-14f63e342644_zps009731e5.jpg

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Radical Eats - Montrose, Houston, TX

The dude and I went to Radical Eats on a regular Friday night. We've only been on holidays, so we wanted to see what the service is like on a regular ol' day. It was pretty busy in there! We thought the appetizer came out a little slow, but things went well after that. The server forgot our dessert on the check, then had to create two more checks to get it on there correctly, but we weren't in a rush. We split the fried avocado appetizer. The breading was freaking amazing and so well seasoned, they tasted almost like chick'n tenders. I ordered the mushroom enchiladas with cashew creme and he ordered the chicken-fried eggplant with mashed potatoes. They were both good entrees. We split an order of the hummingbird cake for dessert. It was so moist it fell apart at the slightest touch of the fork. The taste was good though, so I won't complain. We were happy overall with our meal so this place might make its way into our date night rotation.
 photo 174f5fd1-adb5-429b-92d8-aeb9c250dad5_zpsaf021a4e.jpg  photo b934e367-dce9-4b19-a439-7bd9fd85e8b7_zps203c70e2.jpg  photo f897829b-cf5f-4cc0-886b-b591de6ac58c_zps21731b97.jpg  photo 3fbe476f-f7f8-414c-b14d-187377db942f_zps6635080b.jpg

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Field of Greens - Upper Kirby, Houston, TX

After work last Thursday, my friend and I met for dinner. I had a doctor's appointment so I got to leave work early. Once that was done, I met up with my friend. She's from my old lab, so we got to catch up on our unpleasant work environments, science stuff, and happy life stuff. I try to see her about once a week. She's probably my closest confidant in Houston. It's great to have a friend like that. We went to Field of Greens, since it's close to her house. I ordered the pita with tofu and chick'n and carrot cake, whereas my friend ordered quinoa and veggies. As we were walking home, a cat followed us. I took the cat home and to the vet. The cat has a microchip with no registered owner and the city shelter has no record of who adopted the cat. For now, the cat is staying at the vet's office until the head vet returns from vacation when she'll hopefully agree to take the cat into the adoption program at the office.
 photo 7e3910cc-e230-4781-a609-fab9c249241a_zpsb1c263e2.jpg  photo 2dad6069-8193-4f35-a167-cf08308a13e3_zpsd2980466.jpg  photo adc96365-acbf-46c2-9f10-657ebe5c1461_zps445d16a2.jpg