Sunday, July 26, 2015

Big News!

We will miss this view. We are heading back to America in a couple weeks. Cost saving yada yada. I had just started making progress in job hunting, and we both felt like we finally had a reasonable quality of life here (friends, social events, etc).
Shibuya, Tokyo

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Vegan Buffets in Tokyo

The Tokyo Vegan Meetup page has experienced a burst of buffet events at various restaurants around town. This is good for little fatties like us. We have been to many international themed buffets, including Indian, Irish, Spanish, French, Mexican, and good ol' American food. :)
All you can eat VEGAN Indian buffet last weekend - We definitely stuffed ourselves. It was so spicy and authentic.Vegan buffet, powered up for squat day tomorrow. ;)Spanish themed vegan buffet last night - nom nom carbs

Friday, July 24, 2015

Vegan Cooking Class!

The Tokyo Vegan Meetup hosted a cooking class to make warabi mochi. We covered the red bean paste in our starchy mochi and then coated in roasted soy powder. That soy powder was bitter and not very good, I wish we had left the mochi plain after preparation.
cooking_classLearning to make warabi mochi through the Tokyo Vegan meetup group.Our mochi coated with roasted soy powder.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

We walked over to a temple after the festival. Our tutor mentioned Sensōji, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple. It's a Buddhist temple, and was pretty similar to others we've seen. There is a market area outside the temple with lots of small shops and crowds of people. There are SO MANY PEOPLE sightseeing at this temple.
After leaving the little vegfest in Asasuka, we went to check out the temple.Japan: pagodas and modern buildings intermingledAsasuka temple artwork

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Small vegfest in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

We went over to Asakusa for a small festival. It was hosted inside a building, so the temperature was well controlled. We split a bento box of adorable sushi pieces, an assortment of steamed goods from Loving Hut, a tofu quiche with soy ham pieces in it, a cold piece of pizza with soy cheese, and a falafel plate (not photographed for some reason).
Sushi box at a little vegfest in Asasuka last weekend.Steamed basket from Loving HutVegan quiche and pizza - nom nom

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Houston Eats

We went to Aladdin's, our favorite falafel place! We had to, since we based our wedding menu around our favorite meal there. :) We also went to Quan Yin, an all-vegan pan-Asian place, with my vegan brunch crew. Afterwards, a few of us went to Frozen Cafe in Bellaire for vegan gelato. Nom nom. We went to Benihana one night too, because they accommodate Dan's giant circle of friends. We have the photo from Benihana framed in our apartment.
Had to have the meal we built our wedding menu around - Aladdin's falafel in Houston!Vegan brunch at Quan Yin - I love my vegan community. Miss them!Vegan gelato at Frozen Cafe in Bellaire area after vegan brunch crew - nom nom

Monday, July 20, 2015

Trip to NASA in Houston

A friend that works at NASA in Houston gave us a tour of NASA, we got to climb through these giant replicas of the ISS for training purposes. We even saw Morgan Spurlock doing a CNN piece!
Private tour at NASA!Robo-naut at NASAWe saw Morgan Spurlock at NASAInside a replica shuttle at NASAWe saw all the Mission Control areas!ISS control room - so cool!!