Thursday, July 2, 2015

Plant - Asheville, NC

One of the best meals we had in NC! I would go back to Plant in a heartbeat! We had the smoky hummus and cashew cheese appetizers to share. I ordered the tamale with breaded oyster mushrooms, soooo good. A couple people ordered the mushroom steak, and one person ordered these Indian rollups. We split chocolate cake and carrot cake slices amongst the table for dessert. The cashew cheese was incredible, the mushrooms on my dish were amazing, and the chocolate cake was unbelievably rich!
Cashew cheese plate at Plant in Asheville, NC.Smoky hummus plate at Plant in Asheville, NC.Mushroom "steak" at Plant in Asheville, NC.Tamale and battered oyster mushrooms at Plant in Asheville, NC.Indian-style rollups at Plant in Asheville, NC.Vegans can eat cake! Plant - Asheville, NCSuper rich chocolate mousse cake at Plant in Asheville, NC - Even I struggled to finish this!

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