Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm still alive...

I haven't updated in forever.

Recently, I made some red beans and rice. Soooooooo effin' delicious. No photo because I scarfed it down in two sittings. An entire pound of red beans and one batch of rice. Yum yum. I soaked the beans overnight and cooked them the next day in the crock pot. When I came home from work, I cut up some onion, green bell pepper, celery, and garlic. I sauteed those in some olive oil. I transferred the beans to a big pot on the stove with the heat up high, because I wanted to reduce the amount of liquid. Once some of the liquid evaporated, I added the sauteed veggies and a ton of cajun seasoning. I was super happy to find Tony Cachere's at the store. {I like to add it on my fries, yum yum.}

Yesterday, I made tofu burritos. I pressed the tofu and marinaded it in a store-bought garlic and herb marinade. It was a little too strong for my taste, so I am glad I had rice and black beans to balance out the flavors. I will probably cook up the rest of the tofu tomorrow or the next day.

Tonight, I'm making some seitan. I split the recipe in half. I mixed taco seasonings into one half. Ashley used her homemade seitan crumbles to make crumbles for tacos. I decided to season the seitan itself so it would be easier to make tacos. Just heat and go. Lol. I know, I'm a bum sometimes. Hope it's tasty.

Other than that... The cats are doing great, my research is finally focused on my own project (not a group project), and my classes are boring. Anyways, I'm going to go clean the house and write in my personal blog.