Thursday, May 22, 2014

Texas Tamale Company

Another Fiesta find! I love that grocery store, what can I say? There is a growing organic produce section, a large international section, and several aisles of healthier brands. I always check the freezer in that area for new items. With the hours I work lately, I like to have an emergency meal or two in the freezer. I found these vegan black bean tamales from Texas Tamale Company. I decided to steam them, because microwaving frozen tamales in the past made me wonder if steaming would be a better bet. I served the tamales with some salsa and frozen broccoli. It's about saving a few bucks instead of driving to Chipotle or Whole Foods for a dinner on a long work day. I thought these were pretty good. I'd be willing to try the spinach tamales, which I think are also vegan.
 photo be88e5e5-1967-454d-a913-86f42b374321_zps91d4344f.jpg

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