Sunday, May 4, 2014

Austin Vegfest

I did not attend Texas Vegfest in Austin this year, because I had to work. :(

Luckily, my friends are lovely. I gave my money to a friend the night before the fest, so she picked me up some donuts and t-shirts. The donuts are from Red Rabbit Bakery Coop - cayenne chocolate and maple nut. I got the elephant shirt from Compassion Co and the other shirt from Herbivore.

 photo 13128015-7fc3-44fe-a583-1ccbad865663_zps1b4ff4a8.jpg  photo 141f266a-cc1f-4b68-8f39-8e6fa77f6ac1_zps20e9eb98.jpg  photo 2a7c361d-3273-4cb4-a1ae-6e0d338e97a0_zps47414d8f.jpg

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