Saturday, May 17, 2014

Paulie's - Montrose, Houston, TX

The dude was craving pasta one night. A quick Yelp search produced Paulie's. I always thought Paulie's was a coffee place, but it's actually a cute Italian place. They said the pastas don't contain eggs, so I think they buy dried pasta. I'm not complaining! I ordered shells with broccoli, but I wish I ordered the veggie-heavy dish the dude ordered. They liberally use fresh garlic, so you might want to brush your teeth afterwards. ;)
 photo 9ceb233e-5133-45d9-9fbd-6c7d093fd4c4_zpsf3b72c08.jpg  photo 4b3511fa-cc81-4d62-9610-66f9d30a1e37_zps98a379c9.jpg

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