Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sweet Paris Creperie - Rice Village, Houston, TX

I think Sweet Paris Creperie is just too cute. My former coworker and I went here for a girls' night recently. I had a coupon for two glasses of wine, two savory crepes, and one sweet crepe for $20. That's a deal since the vegan crepe and a juice cost me $12 last time I went there! We got moscato (of unknown vegan-ness) and crepes. I ordered the vegan crepe stuffed with mushrooms, black beans, corn, and chipotle salsa. For the dessert crepe, I specifically requested the vegan crepe batter. Instead of putting Nutella like the menu says, I ordered the crepe with just the fruit (strawberries and bananas). I had a travel packet of Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter in my purse. I didn't realize it came with a little mound of whipped cream, but I just avoided that. I dipped my crepe bits in the Justin's that I put on the plate. #vegansolutions ;)
 photo 04a1947e-0651-437a-9288-d26a14fe0838_zpsa3be9d36.jpg  photo 7381af25-82db-4854-8595-ef726a94fdf3_zps800eb932.jpg

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