Monday, October 31, 2011

Mofo #20 - Little Vegan Tips


These are a couple little things that I think could be helpful to other vegans.

I like Garden of Life because they use algae to produce their vitamins. I take their vitamin D and calcium supplement, as well as their women's multivitamin. The multivitamin is low in calcium and iron. I take a combination iron and B12 supplement from Solaray. EDIT 2013: Garden of Life uses wool to produce lanolin, which the algae then convert to vitamin D3. I have switched to MegaFood's Vegan Daily and a vitamin D2 supplement. If my iron or B12 gets too low, the Garden of Life iron/B12 combo is marked vegan or I'll get another brand.


Body products:
I use St. Ive's apricot scrub and body wash. I like Paul Mitchell hair products, but sometimes I buy Tresemme or the Costco brand. I've heard Aveda is also cruelty-free. You can use the Cruelty Free bunny app on your smart phone to check brands.

Lots of the Costco brand soaps are plant-derived and not tested on animals.

Menu Planning:
The secret to my menu planning success is a white board calendar! I like to see the meals assigned to the days, then write up a grocery list for two weeks' worth of groceries. I usually plan a month at a time, so I can grocery shop when I receive my stipend payments. I like to pick out a couple cookbooks and internet print-outs, then map them onto the calendar. (This looks blank because I haven't planned for November yet.) The lower white board is for various notes, as you can see it has a wish list and groceries on it right now.


I can check my little pantry for what I already have available as I make my selections. I bought a bunch of clear acrylic containers at Bath Bed & Beyond to be able to easily see what's running low. The containers on the bottom hold flour, sugar, and Basmati rice.


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