Monday, October 17, 2011

Mofo #10 - Tempeh Helper


I was planning to make something else tonight, but I realized I didn't have the chickpeas ready. They're in the crockpot right now, cooking away for Wednesday. Since I had to select something else on the menu plan to cook tonight, I decided to make Tempeh Helper from Appetite for Reduction. I've had my eye on this recipe since Cristin first bought this book last winter. I decided to skip the peas called for in the recipe and use broccoli and tomato instead (since I have an excess of plum tomatoes due to a faulty scale in the produce department!). The directions were a little unclear on where to add the sauce ingredients, so I figured the safe bet was to cook the pasta in one pot, saute the tempeh with the vegetables in a skillet, and make the sauce in another pot. I also simmered the tempeh in broth for 15-20 mins before sauteing it, since this is supposed to help reduce the bitterness of tempeh.


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