Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mofo #16 - Pizza Curse Continues


Today, I volunteered for an education outreach event. They always serve pizza and the coordinator always orders a cheese-free veggie pizza for me. I was excited to have some pizza after last Friday's bust. I love my monthly serving of pizza. I opened the box to discover a pizza with ONLY SAUCE. SERIOUSLY?! The coordinator said the admin called in the pizza, and given her general ineptitude, she likely miscommunicated the order to the pizza place. WHY ON EARTH WOULD THE PIZZA PLACE THINK ANYONE WOULD ORDER A TOPPING-LESS PIZZA?! Seriously thankful that I packed a delicious lunch of lentil curry, whole wheat pita bread, and a Gala apple. I knew my cheese-free pizza would not have any protein, so I planned to bring a protein-rich lunch to balance out the day. For the curry, I cut the recipe in half, except that I used a whole white onion, half a red onion, and a whole green bell pepper. It calls for tomato puree, but I used an 8 oz can of tomato sauce. [I should note here that I had pasta leftovers when I got home from work, but I did snack on the crusts of the sauce-only pizza.]


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