Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mofo #14 - Falafel


Last night, I made falafel using the recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance. This book was my first vegan cookbook. I received it as a birthday gift when I was still vegetarian. Funny how life works out, it's as if my vegetarian aunt knew one day I'd convert to veganism. Anyways, having made Isa's baked falafel from Appetite for Reduction in the past, I decided to try her fatty version in VwaV. I served these in whole wheat pita with lettuce, diced red onion, diced cucumber, and plum tomato slices. The falafel are topped with the tahini dressing suggested in the book. These were very tasty and I think they'd bake just fine if you wanted to avoid the frying. I made the oatmeal raisin cookies from Vegan Diner for dessert, because I couldn't stop thinking about them for some reason.


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