Monday, July 18, 2011

Twist on Falafel

I love falafel, so I had to try this twist on falafel - chipotle kidney bean falafel with black olive hummus and garlic basil pita breads. I used active dry yeast, not instant yeast, so my bread rose really slowly. It wasn't doubled in size when I finally caved in and started baking it. The reason this makes a difference is that active dry yeast need to be "proofed" before use - this means the yeast should be placed in warm water (temp less than 110F though!) with a pinch of sugar to be activated before mixing with the remaining ingredients. This ensures the yeast are ready to get to work when you add them to the dough mixture. Since I didn't do that, my yeast were slow to activate and my dough didn't rise enough. This means it was much denser than it was intended to be. Oh well, still tasty, just not a real pita. I wish I had started the dough before going to work yesterday, so it would have been doubled in size by my late dinnertime.


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