Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Success Is Sweet

I had my annual committee meeting today and it went surprisingly well. I have the toughest committee of the biology students in my program, because everyone on my committee works directly in my field or in a very similar field. Most students don't have that because there are so few faculty members. They were dissecting my data like crazy today. But they let me out in a little over an hour, which is shocking since my exams were 2.5 hours long. They did offer a couple good suggestions though, so hopefully I get results from the more technically demanding experiments that I've been struggling with recently. They were satisfied overall with my progress over the last six months and think that I'm generally on track for graduation next year. Woohoo! They even told my boss that they were impressed with my professional development over the last year. Thank you, Leslie from Live Love Leslie, for all of the amazing coaching. If you ever want a career (or life) coach, I would highly recommend the investment in Leslie's services. It is worth every cent!

Since it's a Tuesday, I can't really throw a party to celebrate, so I decided to make an amazing dinner that is more time consuming than my normal dinners. I selected Isa's lentil meatballs with a cheesy marinara over whole wheat spaghetti and ooey gooey brownies from Vegan Diner topped with Tofutti vanilla almond bark ice cream. (I promise I will eventually make a real meal from this book, instead of just making desserts!)



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