Sunday, July 10, 2011

Soup & Sandwiches

With my committee meeting on Tuesday, I wanted a very simple meal to make tonight that would provide leftovers for tomorrow. I decided to defrost the lentils that I made recently and throw them in a soup. Luckily, Appetite for Reduction has a lentil soup recipe. I used more spinach, tomato sauce, and lentils than the recipe called for. I also used regular ol' lentils instead of the lentils du Puy listed. Those lentils are available in the bulk section of Whole Foods, but I already had the defrosted lentils. I thought grilled cheese would be perfect to serve with soup, so I used Earth Balance and Rice Vegan slices. I bought the cheese slices at Valerie's Market, since I never see them anywhere else in town. For dessert, I enjoyed oatmeal raisin cookies from Vegan Diner that I baked this afternoon.


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