Saturday, July 2, 2011


While most people are traveling this time of year, I'm on a stay-cation. Because I have my committee meeting in two weeks, I agreed to watch my boss' dogs at his house while he is on vacation. It's like staying at a resort, because the house has better cable than my house and a pool, plus I can eat anything I want. I've been enjoying using the VitaMix for making smoothies to use up the fresh bananas off their tree and I found a few pieces of vegan junk food in the pantry (dark chocolate, Skittles fun packs, and Oreos).

I've been cooking dinner at my house though, so I can spend some time with my kitties. Tonight, I made Vietnamese tempeh with rice noodles from Vegan Fire & Spice. I had whole grain rice noodles from the Asian grocery store that I wanted to use, so I found this recipe in my cookbook. I also bought vegan fish sauce that I thought I could use in this recipe, but once I taste-tested that stuff I threw it away!! It was terrible, so I just used soy sauce. I didn't want to try to make the fish sauce from the recipe in the book after being disgusted by the store-bought stuff. [Edit: The fish sauce recipe in the book tastes fine, not rancid and disgusting like the storebought one.]


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