Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cooking at My Mom's

While I was home for the holiday, I made two new dishes. One was an Italian tofu from VwaV and the other was falafel. These photos aren't the best due to poor lighting in my mom's kitchen and the fact that I took them on my iPhone.

Italian Tofu
I didn't use the white cooking wine called for in the recipe, because this review said it was overpowering. I also didn't measure anything, but it was still tasty. I pan-fried the tofu instead of baking it, because I cut it in chunks to marinate overnight.


Sadly, the fried falafel doesn't store well in the fridge, so I didn't get tasty leftovers. I served the falafel in a wheat pita with lettuce, cucumbers, and Atheno's roasted red pepper hummus. (Recipe)


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