Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Secret Santa

Last night, Cristin hosted a Secret Santa party for some of the lady scientists. I felt so special because everyone made vegan dishes, so I got to eat a bunch of different things. It was nice, because I felt so left out earlier in the day because my labmate gave Christmas cookies to everyone but me. [A candy cane or something would have been nice, it's not like I expect everyone to bake vegan stuff just for me but she didn't even acknowledge my existence or the fact that she gave cookies to everyone else.]

Cristin made the tofu ricotta lasagna from Appetite for Reduction. She bought the cookbook recently, so I flipped through it during the night. I think we will be making knock-off (healthy!) Hamburger Helper with tempeh in the near future. My contribution was a strawberry cake. I had never made a cake like this before, I just assumed it would be a yellow cake with mashed strawberries in it. Oh no, it had a banana, coconut milk, vegan jello, and strawberries in it. Crazy! Turned out really well though, so that was a huge relief. The jello only arrived at 4:30 P.M. and the party started at 7! Needless to say, I was freaking out that I'd need to use the unflavored jello I found and more strawberries.


My Secret Santa was Ling. She bought me a spatula, as well as these cat measuring cups. So cute!


In other news, I did a mass edit on my personal blog to make all the entries private. Now that people I don't really know read this blog, I'd be uncomfortable if they found my personal blog maintained under a similar name on another blog site. I am considering switching my photo-hosting to Flickr or something similar, since some of my photos weren't showing up on my phone today. If it continues to happen, then I'll know it's a problem with Photobucket and I'll switch to something else.

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