Monday, December 13, 2010

Vegan Hot Chocolate for These Chilly Days

Yeah, there are recipes out there to make hot cocoa from soy milk powder, cocoa powder, and what not, but I have a shortcut.

Vanilla soy milk, Green & Black's organic hot chocolate drink, and Sweet & Sarah vanilla marshmallows (they make other flavors, but I didn't want flavored marshmallows in my hot chocolate). See, you really can have anything you want when you're vegan. I bought the soy milk at Costco, the hot chocolate mix at a local health food store, and the marshmallows at Whole Foods. Easy-peasy. :)


Because I'm a crazy cat lady, I served my drink in one of the new cat mugs I bought recently. I bought two different styles, so my roomie and I could both have one. :)

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