Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

From the Petco ad, kitties dressed for a Merry Christmas:


While I'm home for the holidays, I get to see the baby goats born around Thanksgiving. If I ever wonder where I get my crazy cat lady behavior, I'd say it's from my mom. That's her holding a baby goat like a puppy.


Today, I enjoyed some great food and a wonderful present. My vegetarian aunt prepared some tempeh and white bean patties for me at brunch with my grandfather and his wife. (Just noticed that there is a recipe for these in VwaV.) When we moved to my grandma's house, she brought a spicy vegetable soup for me. I asked my mom for a Sun beach cruiser, which is exactly what she bought me. :) I also received some Kitchenaid attachments, a dough press (perfect for pierogies!), The Kind Diet cookbook, and gift cards that I will use to get baking supplies.


I'm still contemplating the lessons I've learned this year and forming my resolutions, so I'll write that up next time.

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