Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random Mix of Thoughts [Edited]

After dining at Sublime, Cristin and Jess decided to embark on a month of mostly vegetarian eating. I am thrilled! We have decided to do a little supper club where we each select a dish to prepare for everyone else. So far, we've enjoyed couscous stuffed peppers and chili with cornbread. I wish I would have known the peppers were supposed to have feta because I could have grabbed faux feta from Whole Foods. For the chili, Jess omitted the beef, used red beans instead of black, omitted the sour cream, and added butternut squash. I managed to photograph my leftovers with my new camera. Also, I can't say enough good things about Wildwood soy yogurt.


Elliot made a beet, lime, and lemongrass soup from my new cookbook The Vegetarian Slow Cooker. Jess bought a baguette to serve with it, but apparently the lady working in the bakery at the local grocery store laughed at her for asking for a bread without eggs. Totally silly that the bakery worker would act like that, because artisan French breads should never contain eggs or dairy! She clearly is not a foodie.


I also finished reading Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman. It was definitely an odd book. It's focused on analyzing issues with tons of pop culture references, some of which were a little before my time or were totally obscure. I did appreciate the sections on internet pornography, Christians who interpret the Bible literally, and how apples and oranges really aren't that different. I'm debating which book to select to read next from the stack I borrowed from Cristin.

I recently noticed that the author of Vegan Lunchbox has decided to give up veganism and become a "nutritarian." No offense, but wtf?! This label is a fancy term for health conscious omnivore. It's her choice to make, but it's sad that people will find her books and blog and possibly think that veganism is about only eating a little bit of animal products. Hopefully it doesn't confuse anyone about what is and is not a vegan lifestyle. It's strange to think that she's launched her writing career based on being vegan and has made money from her cookbooks, only to switch to this new "nutritarian" bit. Lame. When I read her entry describing this change, I was immediately reminded of this shirt that says Never Trust an Ex-Vegan. Nothing against ex-vegans, but it's just kinda funny to see that printed on a t-shirt.

It's starting to look like the holidays. It's chilly outside, people are decorating, and I've started buying gifts. My camera and Eclipse DVD have arrived, so my presents to myself are here. :)


  1. Hope you're enjoying the vegan extravaganza! Sounds like fun times.

  2. Thanks! Now that we all live within walking distance, it's nice to have someone to eat dinner with. Ling isn't home most of the time I have dinner, so it's nice to have someone to sit at the table with and talk to. :)