Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tiny Hat

I have a love of ugly/unusual clothing. I usually don't wear stuff that is too revealing. I do own stuff that is extremely revealing, but I think it's best to leave a little to the imagination. ;) However, I frequently wear stuff that is ungodly bright or a little abnormal. I just have an incredibly odd sense of humor. I think that if you wear something ridiculous and are totally confident that you own that look, go for it! You can't take yourself too seriously all the time. So throw on the silliest item in your closet and have a great time! I know it would be easy to say I'm just looking for attention, but that's really not the case. I absolutely loathe most attention-seeking behaviors -- figure out why you crave attention so desperately and stop acting like a jackass.

Anyways, case in point for my love of unusual clothing items: a tiny hat.


When I saw this tiny hat in Arden B on Saturday, I absolutely had to have it. I paired with a vest with ruffles from Arden B. Ta-da! A little ridiculous but totally worth the laughs. :)

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