Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mofo Recap & Flore in LA

Mofo was great! I discovered so many new blogs and spent many nights clicking through randomofo.com.

Look at all this traffic:


I rarely receive comments, so I was surprised by the amount of visitors and comments I received. I went from having a couple regular readers, who are my friends in real life, to having several readers and regular commenters!

I was also nominated for a Liebster award by CraftyEarthMama. You can see the nomination here. She lives in California, so she nominated me because I went to so many of the local vegan eateries on my trip to LA. I managed to eat at Real Food Daily, The Vegan Joint, Native Bowl, and Flore. I just noticed that I never did a write-up for Flore! What a shame. I really loved the burrito named for the shop, it had some of the best tempeh bacon I've ever tried. My friend, Eric, ordered the potato tacos. We split a raw Neapolitan shake for dessert. I feel like a dummy for not posting this during Mofo! I uploaded it into Photobucket, but somehow skipped past it when writing posts, even though it was uploaded to fb.


I recently joined the pen pal project at Vegan Machine. I just checked my mail today for the first time in weeks and received my first letter! Woohoo!

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