Thursday, November 17, 2011

MacBook is in the shop!

I spilled water on my MacBook, then frantically hit the power button, causing the screen to die. The technician said there doesn't appear to be major water damage, so they're ordering a logic board for the easy fix. My Apple Care covers this $526 repair thankfully. If the logic board replacement doesn't make my screen turn on, then the MacBook will shipped off for repairs. Let's hope the logic board replacement will be enough! It's weird not having a computer at home, plus I have to be stuck at work to make slides for my presentation on December 2nd. Almost done with the slides, but I should finish them by Saturday night, so I can send them to my boss for review. That leaves the holiday break for writing up my 3rd manuscript for publication and a script for my presentation.

To cheer myself up after leaving my MacBook at the Apple Store, I found this LOLCats picture.


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