Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Simple Curry

Because I've spent the last several days perfecting my application materials for potential postdoctoral positions, I just wanted an easy dinner last night. I popped some quinoa into the rice cooker (so quick and easy, if you've never tried it!), then diced a pepper and an onion. I steamed some cauliflower to bulk up this dish. I tossed the pepper and onion into the skillet, then added cubed tofu (bought the cubed kind for lazy days like this) and fire roasted tomatoes. I used a boxed mix for curry seasonings, just sprinkling it in until I liked the taste. It was filling, healthy, and flavorful. After sending out three emails today, I was happy to come home to the leftovers of this meal.



  1. I am in love with my rice cooker, it saves me all the time! I used to be often too lazy to cook brown rice or quinoa, now it's so easy :)

  2. I know! It's just great to pop something in while you're cooking at the stovetop.