Monday, November 14, 2011

String of Bad Luck

After having a series of tissue culture experiments completely fail, I finally got some great data on Friday using mouse liver extracts. (Totally gross, I know.) I was so happy! On Saturday, I took my car into the dealership to figure out why the check engine light came on. I was just there last weekend to replace a vacuum hose, so I couldn't understand why the light came on again. After sitting there for 4 HOURS, the rep said that the shop was short-staffed and had not yet diagnosed my car. They weren't even going to try, but they claimed a part that helps the timing belt move along was loose, which made the car unsuitable to drive. I left it there, frustrated as could be. My mom basically ripped me a new one about how I need to buy a new car. Yeah, with what money? I make grad student pay and I spend 50% of my income on my rent. Hmmm, yeah, let me squeeze a car payment in there too. Then, on Sunday, I spilled water on my MacBook. I was able to get it to start, but later on, the screen would stay black even though the start up chime sounded. Great. Let's hope something isn't shorted out, because water damage usually isn't covered under warranty/Apple Care. Once I get my car back, I'll take it in for an inspection if it doesn't start up in a few days. Perfect timing, right? I'm trying to read papers at home to email potential postdoc advisors and I need to start making slides for my thesis content approval meeting, where my committee and I will schedule my defense and discuss what is left to be completed before I can defend.


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