Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Last Couple Weeks

In my attempt to finish Mofo, I didn't post much about social events. Obviously, with Halloween weekend, I have a couple photos to post. On the Thursday before Halloween, I went to SunLife Stadium with two of my friends from work. We watched the Miami Hurricanes play football against the Virginia Cavaliers. Miami lost, so my friend was bummed. I graduated from FSU, so I can never root for Miami; they're our conference rival. I didn't get any photos of the three of us unfortunately.


Then on Friday, I went to a costume party with a bunch of my coworkers. I took some items from the theme section of my closet to pull together an 80s' rocker look. I finally got to wear my pleather-y leggings from Macy's. I can't believe I paid $35 for them, but I had to have them when I saw them months ago. Glad I finally wore them to justify the expense. (That's me on the far left, for any readers who may not know me in real life.)


On Saturday, I met up with some friends, thinking we'd head downtown to MoonFest. However, that didn't happen. I ended up being super annoyed with the MINORS that were with one of my friends, so I came home early. I thought about driving downtown and meeting up with another group of friends, but I figured by that time, I'd be stuck on the off ramp and never actually make it to Clematis Street. So there are no photos of my Army-themed costume. On Halloween day, I watched Paranormal Activity with a friend after work.

This weekend, Cristin hosted a farewell party for our friend, Jeff. It was nice to see everyone, because it's been forever. I've been working a lot, including weekends, and spending my weeknights reading papers for potential postdocs and being a hermit. So much work, so little time. I'm presenting the data for my thesis on December 2nd, so I can ask my committee to schedule my thesis defense. I didn't get any photos of the party itself, because the group headed to Duffy's to watch the LSU vs Bama game. I ended up going to another friend's for the game, because I have to head to work in a little bit. I knew that being the ONLY LSU fan at Duffy's would end in a shit-show, so I decided to be responsible. (Lame!) For the game, I made red velvet cupcakes with Tofutti cream cheese frosting and golden vanilla cupcakes with purple buttercream frosting. In the red velvet cupcakes, I did not use all of the oil, instead I used a 50/50 split of oil and apple sauce for the same total volume. I used the recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World for the vanilla cupcakes and buttercream.


Cristin's sister was sweet enough to bring me a delicious piece of raw vegan coconut pie from Juice Therapy Cafe. Yum! I had that for breakfast today. Healthy, I know. It's my day off from the gym. ;)


OK, time to head to work!

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  1. Those cupcakes look great as does the coconut pie, wow!