Friday, October 5, 2012

MoFo #5: Spinach Burritos

I decided to include Vegan Fire & Spice in my MoFo cookbook selection. There are great, simple recipes with interesting flavors in this cookbook. I really wonder how Robin Robertson can be so creative to write multiple cookbooks. Tonight, I made the spinach burritos. The heat should come from a hot pepper, but I bought a poblano pepper. In my burrito, the heat comes from the chipotle salsa I used. There is a salsa recipe on the next page, but I love this salsa from Central Market. This is a small meal too, since it makes enough filling for 4 burritos. Perfect if you're cooking for one and enjoy leftovers. You could easily scale this recipe as needed. I wish I had made extra beans to prepare the refried beans from Appetite for Reduction, which are so darn good! I guess I'll just have to enjoy a couple squares of dark chocolate as my side dish tonight. ;)
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