Monday, October 8, 2012

MoFo #8: Pat Greer's Kitchen in Houston, TX

I was so happy to find Pat Greer's Kitchen at the farmers' market this weekend. The storefront hours are during the work day and I haven't stopped by any of the places that offer Pat Greer's Kitchen items yet. I think I died and went to heaven when I tasted some of the samples. The girl working made sure to ask about any allergies before serving me samples, and all of them were incredible. She said they rotate the entrees they bring to the market. I bought their Geez-Its, strawberry cheesecake cup, pumpkin pie cup, and pesto party dip. I haven't tried the Geez-Its yet, but I've loved the other items. The cheesecake was SO creamy and the pumpkin pie was delightful at lunch today. My coworker said she thought about stealing the pumpkin pie cup from our mini fridge. I think Pat Greer's Kitchen is well-known for its raw items, so next time I'll focus on buying more raw items. The packages are clearly marked with raw or cooked, which I think is very considerate of people's dietary preferences.
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