Sunday, October 14, 2012

MoFo #14: Vegan Potluck

Last night was the monthly potluck for Houston's Vegan Society of PEACE. Honestly, it was the best potluck I've been to since moving here (and not just because I won a copy of Tofu Cookery). There's always a mix of people, but last night I met some girls in my age range who were talkative. Sometimes I have felt like I'm practically forcing people to have a conversation. Nothing wrong with being an introvert, but come prepared with a few talking points to get conservation flowing. There was a film and a cookbook discussion section. I kept interrupting (or "adding to the discussion"), but I did try to raise my hand and wait to be acknowledged. Thanks to MizzB for leading the discussion! The theme was autumn foods with an emphasis on pumpkin and lentils. I brought the candy corn and it was almost all gone by the end of the night! Here are pictures of my dinner plate and desserts. The dinner plate has nacho bake, shaevd brussel sprouts, gumbo, spicy corn pudding, spinach and tofu in coconut curry sauce, chickpea and kale mash, lentils, lentil enchilada square, and sprouted lentil salad. On my second dinner plate, there were a few different items - blackeyed peas, a goulash served out of a pumpkin, and more spicy corn pudding. For desserts, there were a few options that I didn't try, including pistachio ambrosia, carrot cake, Whole Foods' apple harvest cake, and Halloween Oreos (the orange filling). I decided to try the whoopie pies, a healthy looking puffed cereal bar with seeds and nuts, and chocolate zucchini cake. The whoopie pie filling tasted like Ricemellow.
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