Thursday, November 1, 2012

Double Take Dip!

Seriously, if you look at this photo, you'll think I melted some Velveeta with my salsa. NOPE! I had never tried Velveeta-based queso in my life until 2006. My mom never cooked with Velveeta at home, but my brother-in-law made the Velveeta mac and cheese from a box a few times when he was first married to my sister. However, in my last year of college, my roommate introduced me to queso made with Velveeta and salsa in the microwave. Since going vegan, I have tried to melt some vegan shredded cheeses with salsa, but the consistency was never what I remembered. I found Wayfare vegan cheese spread recently. When I opened the container and saw that it was fairly dense, I knew what I had to try... Ta-da! QUESO LIVES! The color and the consistency were so similar to my favorite unhealthy snack. I served the dip with some chips, avocado cubes, and fat-free refried beans (recipe from Appetite for Reduction). NOM NOM NOM!!1!

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