Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cookie Butter Cups

Last night, there was the monthly vegan potluck. It seemed like more people came a little late this time, so my plate photo doesn't do justice to some of the items that ended up on the buffet table. I was able to get a couscous and chickpea dish, a rice dish, and a nutritional-yeast based mac and cheese dish on my second plate. The little cupcake in the middle is likely from Zibble, a local company. I brought cookie butter cups, but mine did not have the fleur de sel listed in the recipe. They turned out fine without the salt. One of the cups is at the front of the plate in the little white wrapper. They were all gone at the end of the night! This was pretty simple, so I can see making peanut or almond butter cups in the future.
photo-1-1 photo-12

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