Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Adventures

The Dude has been in Tokyo for almost two weeks, but this past weekend was his first in our new place. He went to a vegan buffet with the vegan meetup group. He went on a pubcrawl with a coworker in the Shibuya area. They decided to leave around midnight. On their way out of the club, they saw two drag queens on stage. They managed to find the exit and grabbed some food before going home. They were out the next night with another coworker on a pubcrawl in a different part of Tokyo. The Dude wanted to leave before the others. He got lost on the way to the train station! Thankfully Japan is very safe. Once he got home, we had a facetime date. The other accomplishment of the weekend was going to the grocery store. The realtor showed him where it was on his first day in the apartment, so he's going shopping every few days. He sent me a photo of tofu skin stuffed with sushi rice, but not one of his marinated mushroom stir-fry.
The dude went to the vegan meetup at The Pink Cow tonight. The dude went on a pub crawl in Shibuya and may have caught an impromptu drag show. The dude picked out tofu skin stuffed with sushi rice at the grocery store for $1.60.

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