Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MoFo #2: Road Trip Stops

On my way to Florida, I rented a Tahoe to bring stuff to my mom's. It's the largest vehicle I've ever driven, so I was very cautious about driving it in parking lots. I normally stop at Truly Free Bakery in Baton Rouge and Sweet Pea Cafe in Tallahassee. The parking lots at those locations are small and would have required me to drive in reverse. I decided to stop at Whole Foods in Baton Rouge and Tallahassee, knowing I could pull through the spots at WF and park very far away from other cars. I hit up the hot bars for quick but healthy meals. There was a noodle bar at WF BR, but I ultimately decided to go with the hot bar. In Baton Rouge, I picked green falafels (peas and chickpeas), herbed green beans, big butter beans with lemon and olive oil, pistachio and chickpea couscous, quinoa salad, and a scoop of hummus. I also snagged a bag of vegan gingersnaps and a couple bags of chips for snacks. In Tallahassee, I picked purple rice, black beans with peppers and spices, and steamed broccoli and cauliflower.
 photo d588c990-3634-4152-b258-504ecd83b9f8_zps7ad175db.jpg  photo e3b8fa64-efef-4042-aa07-59108eb6a7d6_zpsd9ba9199.jpg

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  1. I usually drive very small cars (just went from a Yaris to a Mirage hatch) and driving something like a Tahoe would feel like a schoolbus!

  2. Exactly! I drove a Mazda3. Sold it as part of the moving checklist. The Tahoe had a lot of safety sensors to help you drive it, like following too closely or going over the line or having a car in the blind spots.

  3. Oh! A Mazda3. Small and peppy! My husband wants to get the new MX-5 Miata that was revealed last night. I think he was drooling.