Thursday, September 4, 2014

MoFo #4: Radical Eats for Restaurant Weeks

The night before the movers arrived, the dude and I went out for dinner. He wanted something a little fancy to serve as a last date, so we picked Radical Eats. Turns out Radical Eats was participating in Houston Restaurant Weeks (basically a whole month of deals at restaurants around town). The menu is online here. In the past I could never find a vegan option on the Restaurant Weeks website, so I was excited to find out Radical Eats participated. It was $45 per person for a multi-course meal and $7 of that was donated to the Houston Food Bank. I started with a watermelon margarita. The special menu had two veg options in every course. For appetizers, we ordered fried squash blossoms stuffed with vegan cream cheese and Cajun tempeh cakes. For the soup and salad course, we ordered the white gazpacho soup made with almonds and the checkerboard salad made with watermelon, avocado, tomato, and cucumber. For the entrees, we ordered the kale ravioli (the beet pasta was so pretty!) and the carrot risotto with spice-rubbed tofu. For the dessert, we ordered the chocolate cake (they were out of mousse) and the crepe with vegan cream cheese and peach slices (tasted like their breakfast omelette thing). I forgot to photograph the cake because we had to wait a while on the crepe to be made. The cream cheese in the crepe should have been whipped with sugar to make it taste better, but it tasted like it was scooped straight from the container.
 photo a5595c3a-69d9-41ba-bbc0-c852d69eca64_zps0f3bdff1.jpg  photo 255aa722-97a2-4a8b-9b32-19bf2da03aef_zps5b28934f.jpg  photo 38f7ceb7-e77d-4c50-b4e7-d13bc6b60063_zpsa08911c5.jpg  photo 9fae67c5-9eba-48c7-bc50-cb7f74ad534a_zpse92481c2.jpg  photo 2204965d-0f30-409b-bba7-fb827d2e0129_zps77269ca8.jpg  photo 82525079-5e19-45e9-a2e4-638d06eb8533_zpsc1623a4c.jpg  photo d1d4e207-27bb-49c7-848a-34d8c24b0639_zpsa51546f6.jpg  photo 129bb193-635b-463b-924e-d7e1918dd119_zpsace053ae.jpg

 photo IMG_3507_zps78889aa2.jpg

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  1. That drink looks so good! The checkerboard salad is such a cute idea!