Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dodgeball, An Earthquake, & Shuba Shuba

We met playing kickball. We both played in the WAKA leagues in the past. Eventually we ended up on the same team. There is no kickball league in Tokyo, but the dude found a dodgeball group! We made so many friends through kickball, so I have high hopes for dodgeball. The dodgeball group plays monthly, not weekly. The dude attended an open gym session and a tournament last weekend. After the open gym, the group went to a British pub. How cool! People went out after the tournament, but the dude skipped it.
Dodgeball & a trip to a British pub on Saturday night.

This was a scary text! There was a 5.4 magnitude earthquake in Japan this week. The dude was at work, so he put on the hardhat provided by his company. He said his office is not close to the epicenter, so that's good news. The newer buildings have rollers to stabilize them. He said he felt like was on a boat.
The dude experienced his first earthquake in Japan. Eek!

After a few days of falling asleep after dinner, the dude sent me this photo of Shuba Shuba. I had never heard of it, but you can read this link for info.
The dude went out for shuba shuba last night.

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