Sunday, September 28, 2014

MoFo #28: The Best Sandwich

The title might be an exaggeration, but this sandwich was an awesome lunch. I saw in a vegan food photos group on fb that Super Target now carries Sweet Earth seitan products. The posted photo was a breakfast burrito! Well, I zipped over to Super Target this morning in search of this burrito and some items for my Halloween costume. In the freezer section, I found so many awesome items! They were out of the breakfast burritos because they were on sale. There were a couple of another burrito type left, but two whole shelves were wiped out. I saw the Sweet Earth burgers and BACON. In the same area, there were other vegan meats - Target's store brand, Gardein, Hilary's Eat Well burgers, and some Quorn and Morningstar (not all vegan, so read those labels!). The new Target store brand Simply Balanced vegan meats looked SO GOOD, but I'm trying to limit the amount of stuff I buy before my trip. The mushroom miso vegan turkey was calling my name at only $4, but I might go back for those! The meatless chicken choices are Korean BBQ, chipotle, and teriyaki. OK, time to explain this awesome sandwich. I grabbed the vegan bacon and some Hilary's vegetable bites. The sandwich was toasted wheat bread, half an avocado sliced, a handful of spinach, two big pieces of jarred roasted red pepper, and four slices of vegan bacon. NOM NOM NOM. I served the sandwich with the veggie tots with sriracha ketchup and had a Tofutti drumstick for dessert. I spent the rest of the afternoon painting the front room. :)
 photo e5d49554-0e53-4043-92a0-5752924bfc2d_zps862b0966.jpg  photo 2fd20700-0b75-43c3-a92e-621134418201_zpsb581ef60.jpg

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  1. I've been blazing my way through a package of Sweet Earth bacon from Target too. Tasty stuff! Plus, it's so awesome to see that many vegan specialty products in mainstream stores. I'm glad it's available to people who probably wouldn't seek it out if they had to visit a Co-op or natural foods store.

    How were the veggie bites from Hillary's? I haven't tried them yet, but I've been curious. Their burgers are very good, and so I'm imagining the bites will be as well.

    1. The veggie bites are very similar to the burgers - the same crispy outside, softer inside. I really want to try those Target brand vegan meats - I mean, mushroom miso turkey?! Usually the vegan turkey products are matched with fall flavors like cranberries or gravy, so I'd like to try the mushroom miso flavor.

      I was AMAZED that TWO WHOLE SHELVES of burritos were gone!! They were 3 Peruvian style left, that's it! Way to go, vegans and veg-curious Target shoppers!