Thursday, September 18, 2014

MoFo #18: Cashewtopia Gelato, CoYo Yogurt, and Hatch Chiles

I found this Cashewtopia vegan gelato in the Tampa Whole Foods. I'm home for the month of September, so my mom and I are spending time together when she's off work. We went to WF one day for lunch and because I wanted to buy supplements. I couldn't help but browse a little after I got the items I wanted. Each store carries slightly different inventory, so it can't hurt to look. My mom has a love of chocolate and cherry together, plus she's an ice cream addict. I knew she would love this! It tastes great, but it does melt quickly. I also snagged some EB mac, Beanfields, and EB puffs. We have a family function coming up and I'm bringing my own food and snacks.
 photo 5fb4c39c-1ce2-4c44-88c2-73383539ae34_zpsfcd81c8d.jpg

When I was still in Houston, I found this new CoYo coconut cream yogurt at HEB. It is the fatty part of coconut milk (the cream) cultured for yogurt. It's tangy and thick, but goodness what a calorie bomb. This little container (~5 oz) is over 300 calories. Geez. Most vegan yogurts are about half that! I normally don't count calories, but I don't know if I'd eat this yogurt often. It's all fat, high calorie, and about $5 for a single container!
 photo 13d0e19c-cf25-4672-b63b-2638e52c6878_zpsa102103e.jpg

Another HEB find was HATCH CHILE goodies. I had never heard of hatch chiles before moving to Texas. There are mild and hot varieties. I bought a salsa and tortillas (made in-store!) with the mild varieties and a guacamole with the hot variety. I used these to make quesadillas, an obvious choice. I added vegan refried beans (the cans marked vegetarian and fat-free are usually vegan) and cheddar Daiya inside the tortilla, baked them in the oven, and then topped with the salsa and guac. Quick and simple.
 photo 409aa80d-c038-4023-ae44-e2c875766116_zps10a02c18.jpg

 photo IMG_3507_zps78889aa2.jpg

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