Monday, September 22, 2014

MoFo #22: Meals with Shortcuts

I have a few simple meals to share. Gotta love those meals that come together when you've got to clean out the fridge/pantry. First up, I made a lentil taco bowl. I cooked some lentils in my rice cooker then seasoned them, sauted some frozen peppers and onions, microwaved a bag of brown rice and another bag of frozen corn, and put these together into a large bowl. I topped with a generous serving of premade salsa and a quick cheesy sauce (from The 30 Minute Vegan book). I stirred everything together before eating, but I wanted to try to show the layers in the photo. The next quick meal is Upton's seitan chunks cooked with peppers, tomatoes, and matchstick carrots. I added BBQ sauce to the chunks and made sandwiches. My friend got a bunch of free Upton's from his job, so I scooped a few packages from his stash (he offered on fb to share). There is nothing easier to make than a sandwich for dinner. The last quick meals are tofu stir-fry - just toss whatever veggies you have in the skillet, add tofu, make a sauce (coconut curry using half a can of coconut milk that I had frozen or soy sauce/sriracha) and make a grain. Done.
 photo 75232547-e18a-409a-8e71-7d67b3c8c470_zps62099af9.jpg  photo 3a570e9b-5278-46e3-a729-cf43b0d42b0a_zps26db078e.jpg  photo a8c34b87-dcbd-4860-a6b6-0b65e1b036e5_zpsf25e43ba.jpg  photo 5221b03c-7e18-484e-a29d-b1bd839b6e87_zpsd6c67ea4.jpg

 photo IMG_3507_zps78889aa2.jpg

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