Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MoFo #23: Gardein Fishless Filets

I never liked fish. My mom occasionally prepared shrimp or crab legs, but never fish. I was curious about the Gardein fishless filets since they were so well reviewed. I have tried a few of the Sophie's vegan seafood items, but didn't love any of them. The Sophie's stuff is ok, but it's not something I would buy due to the cost. My mom let me use her car the other day to go search for Halloween items. I decided to swing by WF in Tampa for lunch and do a little shopping. I wanted to find Just Mayo, Gardein Fishless Filets, and Theo's PB cups. I did not find the Theo's PB cups (boo), but I did find the Just Mayo and Gardein Fishless Filets. I got a few other items that I'll share in another post and left behind a few items that I might try before I go to Japan. I made the fishless filets for dinner the other night with a box of Road's End alfredo style vegan gluten-free mac. I did not like the mac and cheese, but the fishless filets were GREAT. They had a hint of fishy taste and reminded me of fish sticks. My mom took a bite and said they did remind her of fish sticks. The fishy taste was not overpowering, just enough to be fishy. Very interesting.
 photo 185304b8-e802-4e59-8cfa-08c1e8de96bd_zps803f3b1f.jpg

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  1. People keep posting about these and I still haven't tried them.

  2. Thanks Christine! I'll take this as you and your Mom's recommendation, and give these a try. Miss Ya!

  3. I admit, I was concerned about eating something fishy, but it really wasn't overpowering. There was enough fishy flavor to be noticeable, but it was not repulsive. It really reminded me of the mild white fishes that are used in fish-sticks from my few childhood memories of fish-sticks.

  4. I really like the fishless filets too. I tried the vegan crab cakes from Sophie's, and I thought they were awful. They were so inedible that I've been afraid of trying any of their other products. I'm glad there's another option!