Saturday, September 27, 2014

MoFo #27: Pizza Casserole, Pizza Crescents

I love for browsing MoFo goodness. I came across a pizza casserole at MoBettaVegan! I had a few Tofurky pepperonis left over from making the pizza crescents (simply crescent rolls with a little Daiya and Tofurky pepperoni rolled inside, then dipped in pizza sauce after cooking). For the casserole, I used marinated Italian mushrooms instead of fresh. My mom picked up the mushrooms and canned tomatoes on her way home from work, so she thought I meant jarred mushrooms when I asked for canned tomatoes and mushrooms. I skipped making the nutty parmesan and just sprinkled on nutritional yeast. I also did not use as much Daiya as listed in the recipe because I didn't have that much left in my bag. It was so good and it makes a huge pan, which is always a plus for me! My mom and I usually don't eat the same thing, so I like cooking for a few days at a time. Speaking of my mom, she told me that she told 4 or 5 people at her work about Cowspiracy. My idea of ordering her some vegan books for xmas suddenly seems less crazy! :)

EDIT 9-30-14: My mom had 2 BIG servings of this casserole and liked it. She's been eating my vegan meats, asking about nooch and chia seeds, and seems open to trying some vegan dressings to replace her calorie-dense oily/eggy dressings!

 photo 0d767e02-91a4-4db3-bdb2-0dd2e8b256f6_zpsffa6254f.jpg  photo 95edc354-e625-4062-b2ce-4b8108bcc958_zpsc2b2feac.jpg

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