Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Dinner

Yeah, I'm behind in blogging. I tried to enjoy the last part of my holiday break, even though I had to work some this past week. I will write and schedule a bunch of posts today so I can clear my desktop of the road trip food photos. I had one of the best holiday breaks in years this season, including a wonderful trip with my partner, seeing 6 friends in Florida, and spending some time with my family. On xmas, my great aunt approached me saying she made me vegan muffins. She makes banana bread every year and hands it out as gifts. I just celebrated my 5th vegan-versary, but this is the first year she's attempted to make anything special for me. Sadly the muffins had honey, which is not vegan, and she didn't take the news well. I left it at 3 simple sentences to explain, but she acted like I personally slighted her by not taking the muffins. She was a little rude throughout the day over that and at one point she commented on how I was "so thin and healthy." I wasn't sure if it was meant to be condescending or flattering, since she had been rude earlier in the day. I just told her it's genetic from my mom's side but it reminded me to wear a large sweater next year. I don't like when people discuss my appearance, because everyone tries to say I'm thin because I'm vegan. I'm thin because my mom was thinner than me in her 20's until she had me and I'm still larger than one of my mom's sisters! It's in the genes, people!

One of my aunts is a long-time vegetarian. She always takes care of our food, which I really appreciate. I have taken my own dinner to my grandma's a couple times, but it's nice to know my aunt will provide something for us. This year, she brought Indian-spiced chickpeas and cauliflower kuegel from Vegan with a Vengeance. I had that with some savory crackers she brought, fresh fruit, olives, and tortilla chips. This is the first year I did not bake over my holiday break, so there was no dessert. (And I lost a few pounds somehow!)
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