Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christopher's Kitchen - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

The food at Christopher's Kitchen is incredible. They used to sell only raw vegan food when I lived in PBG, but they recently added some cooked bowls. They do have honey listed on some appetizers, but otherwise everything is vegan. The dude and I stopped for lunch on our way to FTL. I ordered the Mexican bowl (quinoa, black beans, cashew cheese, avocado, veggies, and corn chips) and he ordered the RAW almond falafel wrapped in a collard leaf. I was impressed that he picked a raw vegan item! I don't think he realized it was raw vegan, but he ate half of it and said it was good. He just couldn't eat that much food. We got a peppermint patty and a caramel bar for dessert. After dropping him off at the FTL airport, I met my friend Sarah for lunch. I again ordered a new bowl, but this time it was the Indian curried chickpea bowl. Sarah ordered the raw vegan french toast. We loved going here when I lived in PBG because Sarah has a wheat allergy. We could get vegan food that wouldn't be contaminated with wheat. I was really surprised to see that the restaurant has expanded to include a wine bar and a little to-go market and juice shop next door. Way to go, CK, for bringing vegan food to the non-vegan masses of South Florida!
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